Recent Events in Costa Rica
Costa Rica’s 2018 Federal Election

Months of heated debates came to an end on April 1st. Costa Rica found itself a country divided after the preliminary presidential elections on February 14th of this year. On this day, Costa Rica became embroiled in the debate over same-sex marriage and equal rights, with the two sides represented by two very opposing candidates: Fabricio and Carlos, both with the last name Alvarado (no relation).

Costa Ricans showed their passion in the last two months. Groups became organized and embraced their participatory democracy. They took to the streets and to social media, demanding to know which candidate would represent the interests of the country as a whole. Flags were seen on almost every car, and in front of many homes; Fabricio’s blue and yellow representing his conservative position against abortion, in vitro fertilization and marriage equality, and Carlos’ red and blue signifying a defense of the LGBT population in opposition of using religion as a political tool.

After much anxiety felt around the country, Carlos’ more progressive Citizen Action Party (PAC), was chosen by a significant majority. Many were heard to breathe a big sigh of relief across the board, once again showing how progressive Costa Rica really is as a nation.

Strong rains have begun for the season

Uncharacteristically early heavy rains began last week towards the end of Semana Santa (Easter Week) around the country in Costa Rica.

The National Meteorological Institute has predicted that the rainy season has begun slowly, although it will kick in to full blood around mid-May. April is predicted to continue having hot, sunny mornings and sporadic afternoon showers.

Beautiful blue bird day outside our office today. Photo taken at 1pm with a balmy 30C/86F temperature.

Battle of Rivas Public Holiday

Costa Rica commemorated 162 years since the Battle of Rivas on Wednesday of this week. Also called the national holiday of Juan Santamaria, the hero of Costa Rica who volunteered to burn down the building where the filibuster army was hiding during the Battle of Rivas in Nicaragua. See here for more details about this era in Costa Rica’s history.

Hitching a ride …

Hola!….from this cute bug on my windshield today. We have the most amazing colourful bugs in Costa Rica! – Rebecca Rowntree