Costa Rica is topping lists again– this time taking the number 4 spot on Point2Homes’s ‘Top 30 Home Buying Destinations in the Americas.’ Despite doing so, the Southern Zone is not one of the locations mentioned in the nation’s own top five Google searches for spots in Costa Rica, which are: Tamarindo, Jaco, Guanacaste, Santa Teresa and San Jose. The secret of the Southern Zone is still well-guarded by those who want to protect their favorite place in the world from the masses.
The areas listed in the study are North and Central Pacific treasures (plus the capital), which have long been known in world surfing and luxury eco-travel neighborhoods for their incredible beaches and wildlife. But because these places are so widely visited, they have not quite been able to retain the full of their charm over the years. Beaches have become lined with bars and restaurants, forests and water sources are being depleted, casinos have been erected, bigger tour companies have stepped in to take over tourism, and the intimate feel of these spots is disappearing. In short, it’s a been there, done that kind of feeling in many of the top tourism destinations in Costa Rica.
The Southern Zone, or the region from Dominical to the Osa Peninsula and all the way to the border of Panama, is a slow but steadily growing region of Costa Rica that is far different from the usual tourist traps. Those who do extensive research will likely stumble upon this part of the country called the Costa Ballena, and many who find themselves here for a visit find that they are unable to leave, or they keep coming back year after year.
When it comes to luck, you make your own
Anyone lucky enough to find themselves in this wonderful spot on the south pacific coast– where the cerulean ocean meets the vivid green carpet of the Talamanca mountains– tends to fall in love with the feeling of attunement with nature that this area inspires. Gorgeous agrarian communities blend seamlessly with expats from around the world who are seeking a different way to live. Those who come here know to expect tranquility and natural beauty, and they truly love and appreciate those aspects, without asking for more amenities from “home.” There is a reason why people find themselves here and that reason is unique to the Southern Zone: there really is no place like it in the world.
See our chart below comparing the top 5 internet searches by Americans for foreign investment properties, and see which of these reasons speaks most to you: