Reserva Playa Tortuga is a non-profit biological research and education center formed in 2009 by community members and Costa Rican scientists. Reserva Playa Tortuga aims to contribute to the fields of biological  research  and science based conservation management  as well as forming a culture of environmental conservation in the areas influenced by the National Wetlands of the Terraba-Sierpe basin.

The Playa Tortuga Marine Turtle Conservation Project started in 2010 and continues to expand the focus and positive impact on marine life through active conservation efforts and community education.  Playa Tortuga Research and Education Center is located on the road to Tortuga Beach.

One of the main goals of Reserva Playa Tortuga is to gather as much information as possible about the sea turtle population that uses Tortuga Beach as a nesting place.  There is a hatchery to protect the eggs and baby turtles.  These pictures are from a small baby turtle release in November.