Have you been searching for The Fountain of Youth?

Lucky for some, we’ve found it right here in Costa Rica! Follow our new series called The Fountain of Youth, hosted by Marcia Oro, and join her as she travels around the Southern Zone of Costa Rica in pursuit of the elixir of health, beauty, and stress-free living!

We’ve known for some time that the jungle is a magical place — where nature can bring you back to a sense of peace and wonder… and now we’re going to show you that Costa Rica is also host to the future of medicine and technology amid a back-to-basics mentality that puts good food, water, air, and exercise at the forefront of our minds once again!

In the first episode of the series, Marcia Oro visits Clinica Aqua in San Isidro de El General — a 1.5 hours drive from her coastal home in Ojochal. She introduces us to the owner of the clinic, Dr. Roberto, and shows us some of the services that his clinic has to offer, including the cutting-edge J-Plasma technology — a non-invasive, regenerative treatment system that threatens to put facelifts out of business!  All of this and more in beautiful Costa Rica.

Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon! Join us in our journey to find The Fountain of Youth by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!