Costa Rica has consistently featured at the top of the overall satisfaction index of many surveys of expat life around the world, the most recent of which is no exception. Expat Insider 2016 by InterNations is considered one of the world’s top expat surveys, offering a thorough analysis of the everyday life in the top 60 of the preferred expat destinations worldwide.  Life for expatriates who have made the move to this nation in good faith can rest easy that they are in the good company of people from around the world who are happy to call their host nation of Costa Rica ‘home.’
Costa Rica features in the survey under the following two types of expats: the ‘dream destination expat’ and the ‘greener pastures expat.’  It is commonly felt among expat communities that special types of people who are more adventurous and visionary than most make the choice to move to the land of pura vida.

High quality lifestyle for expats in Costa Rica

It’s no wonder that Costa Rica has ranked first again on the personal happiness index since this nation is widely seen by its expat community as one of the friendliest and most welcoming places in the world.  According to the survey, there are many factors that make it easy for expats to call Costa Rica home.
Overall, Costa Rica is ranked the 6th best expat destination for 2016 and in 5th place for quality of life.  In general, 89% of expats are satisfied with the climate and this element factored significantly to their reason for investing in Costa Rica.
Other notable lifestyle factors for expats living in Costa Rica are a multitude of leisure options and a good quality of life that is conducive to good health and well-being.  Language is generally viewed as accessible, with Spanish being prominently spoken around the world, thus landing Costa Rica in the 9th position on the survey for ease of communication.  Those who attempt to learn in Costa Rica have found patience in the locals and plenty of resources and tele novelas to help them along the way.

Conducting business in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is ranked second for countries to attract business owners with 19% of expats in Costa Rica here for business. Expats who have started businesses or continue business in Costa Rica are 10th most satisfied with their work/life balance, likely thanks to the high quality of life index in combination with the ease of conducting business.
Although many in the survey had not chosen Costa Rica as a destination in which to pursue a career, many who move here find that there are ways to make a living and live a happy life at the same time.

Family life in Costa Rica

Although only ranking 22nd on the survey’s overall family life index, Costa Rica is ranked far above any other Latin American nation.  Many will agree that this number is hardly a reflection of the lifestyle that children growing up in Costa Rica can enjoy; after all, this is a nation where water and wilderness can enhance a child’s learning experience, activeness and creativity immensely.
The large community of expats who have migrated to Costa Rica have started their own groups in the community and through social media for socializing, classes and support.  And with a literacy rate of 97.8%, Costa Rica ranks near the top of the list of all nations in the world, far above that of literacy rates in North America and most of Europe.
For those who prefer to teach their children in the English language, there are many accredited private schools that cater to North American testing standards.  Homeschooling is another popular option for expat families and there are plenty of resources available to assist those who would choose this option.
Family well-being and a friendly attitude towards families with children are two notable topics of high ranking for Costa Rica (13th and 4th respectively) and both great reasons to choose to bring your little ones to grow with you in this happy nation.

What to expect for your personal finances

Costa Rica is not considered to be one of the most economic nations on the survey, ranking 48th on cost of living and 43rd for personal finance in general.  Expat life in Costa Rica is not for everyone; however, those who do make the choice to call this nation home find that the quality of life makes the extra dollars worth it in the end.
Over all, Costa Rica is known for an abundance of housing options and a welcoming attitude to foreigners, both legally and interpersonally.  Those who move here for love were deemed to be 2nd most satisfied with their relationships.  For the rest of us who moved here mostly for the love of life, satisfaction seems to be consistently guaranteed.
For those who have yet to make the move to the greenest and happiest nation on the planet, let Osa Tropical Properties help you find your home in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone.
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Written by Alex Luty